Art-Nr.: 50083

The kombi-module, an extension to the light barrier system Joker²


  • behaves in the Joker² system like a light barrier and can be integrated into any action mode
  • the sound trigger with built-in midrophone reacts on any kinds of noise, e.g: bursting balloons, clashes of various objects, gun shots, explosions, etc.
  • a multi-function input allows the connection of:
    • different industrial or self-made sensors - for this purpose the module provides also a supply voltage of 5 V / 50 mA
    • various switches:
      •  mechanical
      • electronical
      • electrodes for moisture or water detection (e.g. for photographing water wigs)
  • With the built-in push button, the module can be used as remote control to trigger outputs, e.g. in the case of drop photography where one can trigger drops while you walking around the drop machine.



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