Drop dispenser
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Scope of delivery: Set consisting of a magnetic valve with a Mariotte's bottle, connection board, connection cable, DC power supply and holding block with screws.

The drop dispenser can be controlled directly by the camera trigger system Joker² or drop-timer²

Using the drop dispenser, pictures of water drops, drop on drop other experiments with fluids can be easily taken.

The principle of the Mariotte's bottle secures a constant water pressure on the magnetic valve, indepent of the liquid level, and therefore a constant drop size all the time.

The water pressure that is affectig the valve is controlled by the position of the lower end of the inner tube. The pressure remains constant until the liquid level falls below the lower end.

Moreover the water pressure can be adjusted by inserting or pulling out the inner tube.

Using the connedtion board, the link between the magnetic valve, camera trigger and power supply is made easy. A pushbutton allows the direct operation of the magnetic valve for the purpose of generating drops manually or to refill/empty the device.

Using the holding block, the drop dispenser can be easily fixed on any carrier system by an M5 screw or directly on a tripod or ball head.

Important note: Manually generated drops are not defined, their size depends on the length of the keypress.


Download user's manual




Magnetiv valve:

  • Operating voltage: 12 V DC
  • Power of inductor: 5.5 W
  • Diameter valve seat: 2.2 mm

Mariotte's bottle:

  • Diameter of discharge nozzle: ca 4 mm
  • Capacity: ca. 150 ml
  • max. height of water pillar: 200 mm


Important note: Should this page have inspired you to build a drop dispenser yourself, please pay attention to our notes about driving inductive loads!

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