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Carrier system for experimental photography
Art-Nr.: 50050

Scope of delivery: Set, consisting of

  • 2 aluminium profiles 20x40x1180 mm
  • 3 aluminium profiles 20x40x600 mm
  • 6 aluminium profiles 20x20x600 mm
  • Fasteners and cross profile connections
  • 2 small corner plates for IR camera trigger and reflector
  • 1 large corner plate for camera, installation of tripod or drop dispenser
  • 2 camera screws
  • Tool: 3 mm Allen key

The carrier system can be used for experimental photography, such as drops, splahes or falling objects, as well as for nature-, bird-, and insect photography

The components we use allow a highly flexible use in the mentioned fields of application.

Thus it is, for example, possible to convert the setup for experimental photography into a large, open frame for bird photography or into a small frame for insect photography with only a few strokes of work.

Note concerning the setup for insects: For the installation of additional unbound flash units or other supplies you will need additional small elbows that are not included in this set.


  • height: 118 cm
  • width: 60 cm
  • depth: 60 cm
  • takes up to 3 drop dispensers
  • weight: 5700 g


Download assembly instructions

Tips: Drop photography with Joker2 (german), Drop phptpgraphy with drop-timer² (german)

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