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Carrier system for insect photography
Art-Nr.: 50051

Scope of delivery: Set, consisting of:

  • 1 aluminium profile 20x40x600 mm
  • 2 aluminium profiles 20x20x600 mm
  • Fasteners and cross profile connections
  • 4 small corner plates for IR camera trigger, reflector, flash units or other supplies
  • 1 large corner plates for camera or tripod
  • 5 camera screws 1/4"
  • Tool: 3 mm Allen key

Important note: The accessories pictured above are NOT included.

The carrier system for insect photography allows the precise presetting of IR camera trigger and camera to each other. The system can be carried around by hand as soon as it is adjusted correctly. Therefore it is possible to take pictures of freely flying insects or to install the system on a tripod in front of an insect nest.

The components we use make it possible to change the width (distance between IR camera trigger and reflector), the distance between IR camera trigger and table and finally the height of the IR camera trigger compared to the optical axis.


  • length: 60 cm
  • width: 60 cm
  • weight: 1550 g

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