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Rain shelter Jokie²
Art-Nr.: 50040

Scope of delivery: Two-piece set, consisting of protective housing for IR camera trigger Jokie² and coverage for reflector. Both parts are equipped with a screw for the attachment to tripods with ¼" thread.

Note: Tripods and IR camera trigger are not included in the scope of delivery.

Since the IR camera triggers Jokie² is not waterproof, it needs to be protected for the use in rain or snow.

The rain shelter offers room for the IR camera trigger and the battery case, which is placed in the back part of the protective housing.

The IR camera trigger is screwed in the protective housing and to the tripod with an elevator bolt.

Due to an observation window for the LED the alignment of the IR camera trigger is still no problem at all.

The reflectors are tolerant against all sorts of weather since they are made of synthetic material. However, water drops can, whether still or trickling, lead to a change in the reflection, which can lead to erroneous releases. Therefore it is also important to protect the reflector from rain and snow.

For an easy, space-saving stowage both parts are telscopic.

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