Camera Adaptors

The light barrier and the camera are connected by a camera adapter set, having a 2.5 mm jack plug and a camera specific connector. The 2.5 mm jack plug is plugged into the light barrier and the camera specific connector is plugged into the remote control plug of the camera.

The camera adapter sets have a length, depending on the type, of 2.5 m up to 5.2 m, which will be the maximum distance between light barrier and camera. Please see the product specific site. This length is sufficient for insect-, waterdrop- or other kinds of photography in a narrower space. In the case of the 5.2 m version, it is even sufficient for bird photography.

When using a tele lens, or if a bigger distance between light barrier and camera is needed, extension cords may be used. Extention cords can be concatenated as many as needed without any losses.

Hint: For a complete list of all suitable cameras, please click on the link to the item or on the picture of the camera adapter set.


Camera adapter set for Olympus like RM-CB1

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Camera adaptor set for Olympus like RM-CB1, total length ca. 5.2 m

consisting of:

  • Camera adapter like RM-CB1, lenth ca. 0.2 m
  • extension cord, length ca. 5 m

for: E1, E10, E20, E100RS, E20M, E-5, E-3, E-1, E-10, E-20


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