Drop Photography

Multi-colour drop collision
Multi-colour drop collision

For drop photography we offer the right equipment: from the drop-timer², a time machine for a simple and reasonable entry, up to the Joker² system with various and powerful timing functions for complex drop sculptures.

Further we offer also a comprehensive range of accessories - starting from our drop dispenser down to the long nozzle for multi colour drop collisions.


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drop-timer² is an easy to use timer for generating drops as well as drop collisions. It is designed to control the eltima drop dispenser.



  • controls the drop dispenser, the camera and the flashes
  • setting of the first drop size
  • setting of the time lag between two drops, for drop collisions
  • setting of the second drop size
  • setting of a delay time for the flash
  • working modes:
    • single drop
    • double drop
  • several drop-timer² can be synchronized to capture multi colour drop collisions or other sophisticated sculptures
  • no light barrier needed
  • power supply directly from the eltima drop dispenser

Download: instruction manual drop-timer²

Download: Tip - drop photography with drop-timer²


  • Type: microcontroller-based timer for eltima drop dispenser
  • Size l x b x h [mm]: 92 x 59 x 18
  • Weight [g]: 120
  • Power supply: 12 V, via eltima drop dispenser
  • Settings:
    • drop size: 0 to 100 ms
    • time lag between two drops: 60 bis 150 ms
    • flash delay time: 260 bis 500 ms

Scope of delivery: Set consisting of drop-timer² and connection cord 2 x 3.5 mm jack, 2.5 m length

Accessories needed: drop dispenser, adapter set for speedlites, camera adapter

Important note: drop-timer² is being delivered also in a set with the eltima drop dispenser (saving)


Information about disposal of electrical and electronic equipment


Drop dispenser

Drop dispenser for accurate generation of water drops for drop photography. Using the drop dispenser pillars, crests, drop collisions, multicolour drop collisions etc. can be created.
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Adapter set for flashes

Hot shoe adapter set for flashes, for connecting eltima devices to flashes or radio remote controls
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