Drop Photography

Multi-colour drop collision
Multi-colour drop collision

For drop photography we offer the right equipment: from the drop-timer², a time machine for a simple and reasonable entry, up to the Joker² system with various and powerful timing functions for complex drop sculptures.

Further we offer also a comprehensive range of accessories - starting from our drop dispenser down to the long nozzle for multi colour drop collisions.

Drop dispenser

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Scope of delivery: Set consisting of a magnetic valve with a Mariotte's Bottle, adapter board, connection cable and fitting AC/DC adapter.

The drop dispenser can be controlled by the light barrier system Joker², or drop machine drop-timer².

Using the drop dispenser, pictures of water drops, drop collisions, or other experiments with fluids can be taken easily.

The principle of the Mariotte's bottle ensures a constant water pressure on the magnetic valve, indepent of the liquid level, and therefore a constant drop size all the time.

The water pressure upon the valve is controlled by the position of the lower end of the inner tube: the lower the end, the lower the pressure and vice versa. The pressure remains constant until the liquid level falls below the lower end.

An adapter board connects the magnetic valve, the power adapter and the controlling device. A pushbutton allows the direct operation of the magnetic valve for the purpose of generating drops manually or to refill or empty the bottle.

Important note: Manually generated drops are not defined, their size depends on the length of the keypress.


Download: user manual drop dispenser

Download: Manuel utilisateur distributeur de gouttes




Magnetiv valve:

  • Operating voltage: 12 V DC
  • Power of inductor: 5.5 W
  • Diameter valve seat: 2.2 mm

Mariotte's bottle:

  • Nozzle diameter: ca 4 mm
  • Capacity: ca. 150 ml
  • max. height of water pillar: 200 mm


Important note: Should this page have inspired you to build a drop dispenser yourself, please observe our notes about driving inductive loads!


Information about disposal of electrical and electronic equipment


long nozzle

Long nozzle for multicolor drop collisions. Allows an precise and easy use of multiple eltima drop dispensers.
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Large accessory bracket

For the installation of a camera or up to three drop dispensers on any kind of mounting system or tripods.
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