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Disposal instructions

WEEE symbol

Electrical waste

Old electric devices do not belong to domestic waste!

Electrical- and electronic devices must be separated from domestic waste before disposal, according to policy 2002/96/EG and national law. They have to be disposed at government certified waste disposal sites. This may be done by returning the old device where you are buying a new one or by dispensing the waste at authorized collecting points for the recycling of electro- and electronic devices.

Inappropriate handling of old electronic devices can be harmful for health and environment. By means of appropriate disposal of electronic products you make an important contribution towards an effective use of natural resources.

You will receive detailed information regarding the disposal of old electrical devices at your city administration, waste collection services or some authorized collection point for the recycling of electro- and electronic devices..

Disposal of batteries and accumulators

Do not dispose of batteries and accumulators in domestic waste!

As final consumer you are legally bound to return batteries and accumulators. Return these to collection points that are subject to public law or to places where batteries or accumulators are sold. Here batteries and accumulators can be returned for free.