• Microcontroller-based light barrier system, photoelectric camera trigger system
  • 3 Reflex light barriers (light beams)
  • 4 outputs for the control of cameras, flashes, etc.
  • each switch of each output can be fully controlled by software. By this, up to 8 different loads like cameras, flashes, electromagnetic valves can be controlled
  • Graphic display (128x64 Pixel)
  • Touch panel for data input
  • Lighting of display and keys
  • Works independent of natural and generally ambient light – in darkness as well as in glistening sunlight
  • Central power supply via 3 AA-cells (batteries or accumulators) within the controller or via external power supply (3.3 V - 15 V)
  • Non-volatile storage of all settings (parameters)
  • Adjustment aid to ease correct alignment: for each infrared beam there is an alterable bar as well as an additional sound signal
  • Display shows which light beam is interrupted
  • Display shows which output is operating
  • Factory reset – possibility of resetting all parameters to a basic setting in case one should happen to be on the wrong track
  • Supports several languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Luxembourgian


  • 8 operating modes: simple-, cross-, direction barrier, curtain barrier with 2 light beams, cross barrier with 3 light beams, direction-sensitive cross light barrier, light curtain with 3 light beams, time release
  • Automatic mirror lockup for each output: keeps the camera´s mirror up in order to shorten the release time delay, provided that the camera supports the mirror lockup
  • each output can be manually triggered (by the push of the OK button)
  • programming of sequencies of "steps". This gives a very powerful tool to program complex processes in an easy way
  • Automatic mirror lock up flips up the camera mirror to reduce cameras lag time, if the camera supports the mirror lock up mode.
  • Measurement of the lag time of the camera or flash
  • Measurement of the subject´s speed